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Orders & Delivery

We deliver worldwide! Please check your local customs rules regarding the import of food if ordering outside of the EU.

We aim to deliver orders in the following timess:

UK - 1-3 days

EU - 3-7 days

Worldwide - 5-14 days

We work with Royal Mail, Parcelforce & DPD.

Sorry to hear! The first thing to check is the tracking information to see the latest update.

If your parcel hasn't been delivered in our estimate times, please get in touch and we'll do what we can to resolve it.

Unfortunately this can happen in the postal system on rare occasions. Don't worry! We'll replace any lost parcels free of charge without any hassle! Get in touch with Customer Support 

We know - there's nothing worse than receiving a damaged parcel product or parcel.

If this happens, we will send a replacement out right away.

Customer Support may ask for a quick photo of the damage for our records. 


You may be required to return the item to us, however our policy is to ship replacements before we receive it back, so you don't have to wait any longer!

Contact support to get help with this.

Head over to my account and navigate to "my orders". You'll be able to see the details, progress and tracking information once available.

You can return any item within 28 days for a full refund.

You can use our handy return form or contact support to begin the returns process.

You can also request a replacement if needed, please let us know!

Our Products


We purchase all of our sweets from leading confectionery suppliers.

We then mix them in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)  grade mixer.

Each product batch is produced separately and our equipment is cleaned following GMP guidelines.

The handling and packing is done in a protected environment, of which the air is filtered to an ISO 7 standard.

We also go the extra mile and pass every sweet we mix through a 1000 gauss magnetic grate, which is able to pick up even the smallest traces of metal.  

Our products do contain higher amounts of sugar.

Those with conditions such as diabetes should follow their GP's advice before consuming.

Our products are safe for children. 

For any hard type sweet, we recommend not giving these to children under the age of 3, as it may present a choking hazard.

Our products are manufactured in the UK and use ingredients sourced from UK suppliers.


We're sorry to hear!

The first thing to do is let Customer Support know right away.

Our returns policy is simple. If you're not happy with the product, send it back and we'll pay the postage and refund you the full amount.

We do ask that if you're returning a product that is opened,  and if possible, that at least 25% of the content weight is still in the package. This helps us identify any batch related issues.

Excessive consumption of sugar can cause negative effects, such as the "sugar crash" and hyperactivity.

We always recommend that you enjoy your sweets in moderation.

If you feel seriously unwell after consuming our sweets, with symptoms such as breathing difficulty, throat swelling or chest pain DIAL 999 right away.


Subscription Information

Of course!

There's no contracts or cancellation fees.

You can cancel your subscription any time by following this link

If you wish to vary your pouch month-to-month, please use our TASTEE Choices product.

If you ordered a fixed pouch subscription, get in touch with us and we can switch you over 🙂


If you change product or size there will be a change in your next payment.

In the event of us needing to charge any additional amount, such as increases in the wholesale of our products or VAT, we will let you know before this happens.

Because we don't have any tie ins, you can cancel and restart a subscription at any time!

Your payment will be taken out on the same day of the month you originally ordered.

For example, if you ordered on the 5th of November, your payments will be taken out on the 5th of every month.

If you need to change this, you can always contact Customer Support

What a lovely gesture!

Of course you can. Please use your billing information and put the lucky person's shipping information in the shipping information field on checkout.